Even director Christopher Nolan wasn't safe from Gillen's twisted vision.

"One time I yelled 'cut' and Aidan turned to me and said 'what if someone threatened to shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane and said he had a lot of loyalty for a hired gun? Maybe the big guys in masks would forget their trained routine of starting the fire.' My jaw hit the floor and it never really came back up. That's when I thought, is he getting in character to play CIA, or is CIA something that's been in him all along?"

"Sometimes I would go to look into one of the cameras, and I noticed Aidan had put something in the lens. It was stuff like 'What if the flight plan listed everyone? Would I still be in charge here?' and 'Lights. Camera. BANE?' I had to ask him to stop because I was getting too hotheaded to direct."