Red Yoshi is cool

He is cooler than Yoshi

Red Yoshi is one of the Yoshies that appeared in Super Mario World who is racist and edgy. He is the younger brother of Blue Yoshi, Black Yoshi and Simon Templar, and cousin to FariDuke OnkledKing Harkinian and Zelda. He has a form called Anime Red Yoshi and a form when he gets annoyed is Super Sayian Red Yoshi.

Personality Edit

Red Yoshi seems to be very hot-headed and eccentric. He has obsessions with many things, especially China and Oahing, but he tends to be good fighter and is cool.

Early LifeEdit

Red Yoshi was born in January 2, 1965 to an female Blue Yoshi, who died right after his birth and was adopted by Martha Templar and Robert Templar and he was raised to be evil. In 1967, he, 🅱lack 🅱oshi, and Bizarro Link went to Luxembourg Academy (which was the place Adolf Hitler formerly went to), but in 1980, they flunked out (because Red Yoshi burnt it down). In 1991, Nintendo gave him and Blue Yoshi the starring role in Super Mario World (the game). In 1999, he, Blue Yoshi and Simon Templar befriended Fari and Duke Onkled for whom the Anti-Harkinians will ally with and the forms in the Form Wars. In 2003, he and Blue Yoshi started a nightclub in the Saintly Mansion called Blue Yoshi & Red Yoshi nightclub and reached Over 9,000 and 300 by 2008.

War with Hyrule and later lifeEdit

IIn 2017, Red Yoshi joined Gaston's conspiracy against North Korea, which was occupied with waging World War III at the time. After the war ended in 2020, the group took advantage of North Korea's weakened state and launched an unsuccessful coup and his son (Red Yoshi Jr) was born. In the end, he was killed by the South Korean military because they mistook him for Kim Jong-Un. His son lived to the age of 25 before dying of the AIDS he got the year before.


  • He is an actor and vilain.
  • He is sexually attracted to Donald Trump.
  • He used to like Yoshi, but now he hates him, but he now likes Null-class "Adult" Yoshi.
  • He is red.
  • His species (Red Yoshies) and himself are part of the Templar Family, so his full name is "Red Yoshi Templar".
  • He seems to only like Royal Dinner if it's made in the Deep South.