"Well, give me space weed, princess!"

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Bizarro Link is an alien of a form of Link that disguised in the Legend of Retardedness TV Show. He is a major enemy of any people who are even remotely smart. He is the Link equivalent of Satan.

Bizarro Link is seen in 85% of I.M. Meen poops where he said "Hey! Give me space weed!", and I.M. Meen screaming very loud at him because he, like the vast majority of people, hates him.


"Well, give me space weed, princess!"
Bizarro Link's most famous quote

Like other bizarros, Bizarro Link was formed when Dick cloned poop and created a new form. He won some fame in the Legend of Retardedness television show. However, in 1989, his fame ended. He actually was extremely angry with this and was adapted into a comic book series. However, Dick, who was producing the comic book series, went bankrupt after the second issue. He committed suicide due to this, until CD-I Link got more popular than him in the mid-2000's, when rage had awakened his corpse. He rounded up Simon Templar to fight the CD-I gang, and his first attempt was to trick the King into a high-speed car chase using ice cream. He failed, and got fired (with real fire) by Dr. Robotnik for destroying his ice cream. Later, he used his alien weapon to tie up the gang, and used bad YouTube videos to try and kill them. However, Weegee defeated him, and he was sent to the pit for eternity, though he managed to get rescued by Harthus Astingr, in the Form Wars, and he sided with Simon Templar and the NSFW Army. He survived the war and he died in 2080.


He looks like normal Link, but with glitchy colors and glitchy colors. He also wears a glitchy undershirt and glitchy hat and vest.


Bizarro Link seems to be more authoratative and perverted than CDI Link, and seems to be evil. He also has mood swings between satanic, angry, Donald Trump-like, and aggressive.


  • He is the only Link form who is middle-handed. Yes, he has three hands.
  • He also has the ability to lower his voice if he wants.
  • He likes Simon Templar and Friends.
  • His first appearance in a YTP was in an I.M. Meen poop.
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