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A particular member of his kindred shows his Yoshiness.

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Earthen Yoshies are a sub-species of Yoshies which came into existence at around 69,000 BC in Koridai. After about three thousand years, some of them migrated to Earth in a way involving an extremely powerful geyser and hats made of sandstone. Despite the name, they also live in fecal matter and (formerly) Koridai. They have about seventeen million colors.

Differences to Yoshies Edit

Earthen Yoshies get their name because they live on Earth. At around 1350, they started standing more upright to imitate humans and to try and eat their poop, but this just resulted in them being driven out of six continents.

They are also incapable of flight, and are terrible at swimming. However, like normal Yoshies, it is incredibly difficult for them to drown.

Trivia Edit

  • They hate the Mario Family because Mama Luigi ate 20 billion Earthen Yoshies, causing them to become an endangered species of 9 million Earthen Yoshies.
  • There are more colors of Earthen Yoshies than there are Earthen Yoshies.
  • Their stance is similar to French Fry.
  • They originally lived in Koridai, but went extinct there about three thousand years ago.