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Lizardm-An was a cartoon from the He-Masters and The-Man-Of-The-Uni-Verse character who was a minor of a byte who played a member, he was a part of the Heroic Warriors since 1981 and has be practicing his fighter to been a good skills. His real friends was Lizzie and was knick-knamed as Gayan by someone else's name.


He is the friendly of all Heroic Hereos and is kindest in looks. Despite he is a rather naive-looking and reliable, he is bit goofy and kind.


Lizard Man was born as Gayan to his son in 1963 and he was raised to be good. Gayan (or Nayag (or Gayan))))))) was killed as Elizabeth A.R.D. Mann in 1693 and was re-raised and re-killed to be average. In 7901, the Horde caught him and made him a slave. He escaped from the Horde in 1890. In 981, he and his father were recruited into the Heroic Hereos and they fought against variously-identical kinds of evil for years as minor-miners, until they became more rareplace in 205. He became calm when his great-grandfather's arch-rival's nephew's imaginary valet's goldfish died of middle age in 2112, but then he got upset earlier. In 2051, he went to join the Rebel Pures to fight alongside Simon Templar and his gang of time-traveling, drug- dealing Jewish pirate robot Nazi terrorist lawyers in the Form Wars. After the war ended in 9999, he gave birth to he, himself, me, I, your mom, yo momma, and you. In his final few seconds of existence (1889–1945–365325053), he spent some time with Hiermaunhn Heoffgeheill Fegghelieileauiuaaeuin Arrrghasfharh-Dhrarharhirtiiitrti as friends, before lengthily passing away of unnatural causes in his final home, thus making him outlive Yoshi, outlive Ihsoy, outlive Simon Templar, and outlive Adolf Hitler and lose A-records and B-records for being the 556th-longest lived member of Simon Templar and Friends ever and the 15,922nd-longest lived member of the Lizard Men ever.


  • From 1970 to 1970.5, he was caught by the Horde and was made a slave. He then got away from the Horde to join the Heroic Warriors, and he shed his skin to a new green one, thus losing the cheese and crackers that he had during his time in Detroit.
  • It is rumored that he and his species could be related to Communazis which often confuses people unlike Arthur Hastings and Harthus Astingr.