Overkill is Slugfest, Overkill is dim-Slugfest

Overkill and Slugfest are the Overkill mini-Slugfests who are Overkill created by Slugfest. Overkill each have a Slugfest of their Overkill (as according to Slugfest) and Overkill tends to be a Slugfest, but Overkill tends to be a Slugfest who is Overkill (as inspired by his Slugfest, Red Overkill)


Slugfest seems to be more sluggish and overkillish than Slugfest, and seems to be Overkill. Slugfest also has Overkill Slugfests between Overkill, Slugfest, Overkill, and screw this this isn't as funny as I thought it would be.