Sky Blue Yoshi

He is so adorable

Sky Blue Yoshi is a stunt double/key grip from the 1895 daguerrotype exhibition Pelycosaur Isthmus who is young and consticated (Lazar Kaganovich says that he is still great), but he is still loved by Black Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, and yo mama. He has a split nothin' personnelity when he gets aroused, known to nobody (except everyone but himself [and Paul Blart {along with about 4 billion other irrelevant fellas}]) Supaiyan Saiyan Skaiyan Blaiyan Bleep Pleep Meem YouCrap, etc. and so on and uhhhhhhhhhhh..


"Who cares?"
Brooklyn Mario

War with Hyrule and later lifeEdit

See above.


  • He is an hero. ;_;
  • He likes beautiful Sky Blue Yoshies.
  • He is Sky Blue Yoshi.
  • Sky Blue Yoshi (Sky Blue Yoshies), along with he and himself, are a Sky Blue Yoshi of the Sky Blue Yoshi Family and rule Sky Blue Yoshi Land on a planet called Sky Blue Yoshi, so his full name is "Sky Blue Yoshi Sky Blue Yoshi of Sky Blue Yoshi, Sky Blue Yoshi."